Cats are pets that almost everyone can enjoy. But what is the most popular cat breed? Keep reading to find out.


Siamese cat

Of jealous nature, always seeks the affection of its owners.
Siamese are characteristic because they always have blue eyes and short, very soft hair. They need a very careful hygiene and with specific products.


Russian Blue Cat

The Russian Blue is one of the most admired cats in the world for its slender silhouette, and its short silver hair. It is the ideal feline to have with family and is also easy to care for.
You have to be careful with your food and we recommend the food from Royal Cannin.

Somali Cat

The Somali Cat is the ideal pussycat if you are going to have to share your home with other pets. It is very affectionate and adapts easily to the changes in the house and in its surroundings, although it does not tolerate the cold well. It has a semi-long coat that requires a daily brushing.

American Bobtail Cat

They are playful and friendly, and do not demand much attention, but they will always jump on any lap they find.

Siberian Cat

If your problem is the sensibility with the hair of the animals, the Siberian cat is the ideal mascot, since it does not provoke allergies to humans.
It has an abundant semi-long hair that helps to maintain the temperature even in environments of -30ÂșC. In summer it changes the coat and happens to be a cat of short hair.


Burmese Cat

The Burmese or Burmese cat is often called the “cat dog”, as it usually responds to the call of its owners and welcomes in the same way a dog would.
Although they have a long silky coat, they do not need continuous care.

Ragdoll Cat

This type of feline leaves his muscles dead and his body is completely inert when he is caught in his arms. It stands out for its docile nature and a great fidelity to its owner.
You can have a long or semi-long coat that only needs a little care.

Most popular cat breeds