One of the interesting facts about Augusta, Georgia that we noticed right away being from Canada is that the city features a Riverwalk. That’s one of the things Canada has a lot of and of course other cities out there have theirs, too. It makes us wonder how Augusta’s Riverwalk compares to the ones in Canada, which is a big draw for both locals and tourists. Now it’s time to learn some more basic and interesting facts about the city of Augusta, Georgia.


One basic fact you need to know is how it compares in size to other cities in the state. Georgia may not be California, but there are still big cities like Atlanta. Augusta ranks 3rd in this category, which is good. You’re about to find out one of the big reasons why this city is such a big draw to people. You’ve heard of the PGA and the Master’s Tournament for sure. Well, Augusta is where it takes place.

The weather in Augusta is your average southern subtropical climate. It gets hot during the summers for sure, and you don’t really expect to ever see any snow. You can learn a lot about a place by looking at what attractions it offers. The Masters Tournament is one of them as mentioned, but that is held during a certain time of the year. The Riverwalk was also mentioned, and it’s actually the top attraction.

A few others include the Augusta Canal Discovery Center, the Sacred Heart Cultural Center and the Phinizy Swamp Nature Park. If you look at the list of famous people from Augusta, you’re going to be blown away. It’s quite long, and it includes former President Woodrow Wilson, famous golfer Larry Mize and singer Amy Grant, to name just a few.

Augusta has a thriving economy and is a popular place to start a small business and raise a family.

So can you have a better future in Augusta?  We say yes definitely.

Basic & Interesting Facts About The City Of Augusta GA