Saw Blades: What You Need To Know

A circular saw is a useful tool that can be found not only in professional workshops but also in the home. There are a variety of circular saws available in different sizes, which can cut a large number of materials such as wood, metal, plastic, masonry, asphalt or floor coverings.

The cutting element of the circular saws consists of circular blades or blades constructed of various materials and available in a wide range of sizes and types of toothing affecting a particular choice. The price of circular saw blades varies enormously, and many of the more expensive products have features that give them longer life and better performance. Economical blades can quickly lose the edge but are ideal for those who use them sporadically.

For this reason, it is essential to choose the right blade for a particular circular saw model. In this article, we will detail the main parameters that we must take into account to choose a circular saw blade.

As always happens when making a purchase, we must first ask ourselves a series of questions that can serve as a guide. For example:

1) What kind of material are we going to cut and what is its thickness? Is it wood? And in that case, softwood, hardwood, agglomerates, laminates or plywood? Is it plaster, plastic, granite, concrete or non-ferrous materials? It is important to know that the saw blades are constructed of different materials and have been designed according to what they are going to cut, even if the work surface has nails and screws in the direction of the cut.

2) What type of machine do we have to make the cut? A stationary table saw (ex. A miter saw? A portable wired or wireless saw? Some saw blades are designed to be used exclusively on a particular type of saw, so ignoring this detail can produce poor results and can even become dangerous.

3) What kind of cut do we want to make and what degree of finish do we want to achieve? For example, if it is wood, do we want to cut in the direction of the grain (longitudinal) or in the transverse direction to the grain? Or do we prefer to make a dry or wet cut? Again, the availability of saw blades for each of these functions is vast and the finishes vary between regular, good and excellent, where it is always a question of avoiding the splintering of wood and the formation of burrs in other materials.

In previous articles, we provide a series of guidance tables on the type of abrasive discs to be used depending on the material and the type of machine to be used. A large part of this reasoning also applies to the circular saw blades that are dealt with in this article.

The fundamental difference between the abrasive discs described in those articles and the saw blades lies in their construction. The saw blades are integrally metallic pieces provided, almost always, with teeth.

What are the main types of knives?

There are many types of knives, used in multiple and varied fields. Sometimes it is hard to find good information, especially with regard to the kinds of kitchen knives that are most often used.

Professional kitchen knives

However, it is possible to group the different types of knives into distinct categories, to make it easier to find one another.

The so-called utility knives firstly consist mainly of kitchen and butcher knives. Depending on countries, even regions and cities, they take different forms, varying with Western and Japanese culinary traditions. In the first category, we will find knives such as the steward, the oyster knife or the boner, while our Asian confreres include the chef’s knife called Santoku , the fish knife (Deba hocho), the knife for vegetables (Nakiri hocho) or the Chinese chopper.

Outdoor Knives

In utility knives, one must also think of all those used for sculpture, engraving, but also agriculture or building.

Then there are fighting knives, which are also called tactical knives, see tactical knives here. They are distributed in military or police circles, and include tools such as survival knives or machetes. Others, more technical, are designed as weapons in the image of the German knife KM2000.

Finally, sporting knives are used for outdoor hunting, for example. For this discipline, different types of knives are used: those to kill the game, those to cut it and treat the animals hunted, and those that serve as multifunctional tools during hunting or camping.


The knife is an essential element in everyday life, although many technological inventions have replaced some of its uses. It is nevertheless an indispensable daily tool, mainly in the field of cooking, and especially during meals!

Most popular cat breeds

Cats are pets that almost everyone can enjoy. But what is the most popular cat breed? Keep reading to find out.


Siamese cat

Of jealous nature, always seeks the affection of its owners.
Siamese are characteristic because they always have blue eyes and short, very soft hair. They need a very careful hygiene and with specific products.


Russian Blue Cat

The Russian Blue is one of the most admired cats in the world for its slender silhouette, and its short silver hair. It is the ideal feline to have with family and is also easy to care for.
You have to be careful with your food and we recommend the food from Royal Cannin.

Somali Cat

The Somali Cat is the ideal pussycat if you are going to have to share your home with other pets. It is very affectionate and adapts easily to the changes in the house and in its surroundings, although it does not tolerate the cold well. It has a semi-long coat that requires a daily brushing.

American Bobtail Cat

They are playful and friendly, and do not demand much attention, but they will always jump on any lap they find.

Siberian Cat

If your problem is the sensibility with the hair of the animals, the Siberian cat is the ideal mascot, since it does not provoke allergies to humans.
It has an abundant semi-long hair that helps to maintain the temperature even in environments of -30ºC. In summer it changes the coat and happens to be a cat of short hair.


Burmese Cat

The Burmese or Burmese cat is often called the “cat dog”, as it usually responds to the call of its owners and welcomes in the same way a dog would.
Although they have a long silky coat, they do not need continuous care.

Ragdoll Cat

This type of feline leaves his muscles dead and his body is completely inert when he is caught in his arms. It stands out for its docile nature and a great fidelity to its owner.
You can have a long or semi-long coat that only needs a little care.

Basic & Interesting Facts About The City Of Augusta GA

One of the interesting facts about Augusta, Georgia that we noticed right away being from Canada is that the city features a Riverwalk. That’s one of the things Canada has a lot of and of course other cities out there have theirs, too. It makes us wonder how Augusta’s Riverwalk compares to the ones in Canada, which is a big draw for both locals and tourists. Now it’s time to learn some more basic and interesting facts about the city of Augusta, Georgia.


One basic fact you need to know is how it compares in size to other cities in the state. Georgia may not be California, but there are still big cities like Atlanta. Augusta ranks 3rd in this category, which is good. You’re about to find out one of the big reasons why this city is such a big draw to people. You’ve heard of the PGA and the Master’s Tournament for sure. Well, Augusta is where it takes place.

The weather in Augusta is your average southern subtropical climate. It gets hot during the summers for sure, and you don’t really expect to ever see any snow. You can learn a lot about a place by looking at what attractions it offers. The Masters Tournament is one of them as mentioned, but that is held during a certain time of the year. The Riverwalk was also mentioned, and it’s actually the top attraction.

A few others include the Augusta Canal Discovery Center, the Sacred Heart Cultural Center and the Phinizy Swamp Nature Park. If you look at the list of famous people from Augusta, you’re going to be blown away. It’s quite long, and it includes former President Woodrow Wilson, famous golfer Larry Mize and singer Amy Grant, to name just a few.

Augusta has a thriving economy and is a popular place to start a small business and raise a family.

So can you have a better future in Augusta?  We say yes definitely.

What is the Future of Carpet Cleaning Companies?

With some small businesses having a hard time in todays economy it can be tough to maintain profits.  Carpet cleaning companies are a service that have it harder than ever.  There are now machines that people can rent and do the job themselves if they wish.  There are very differing opinions on if these machines are as good as the real thing.  Chase, who provides carpet care services in Huntersville and the surrounding areas, says that it’s better to hire a professional for the tough jobs as it takes experience to get out the major stains.  People can actually end up hurting their carpets or rugs by trying to deal with it themselves.  The pros have all the tools like truck mount cleaning machines and they have the knowledge necessary to tackle every job.  Whether people will actually take the advice is another story.

How Can Carpet Cleaners Get Business

The number one way that a carpet cleaning company can get more business is through word of mouth.  Everyone that uses home service companies will surely talk about it with their friends and eventually word will spread around town that the business is good.  Also having a good location is crucial.  If the business isn’t located conveniently then people will be less likely to reach out and contact.  Also sponsoring local organisations and charities is another good way to get the word out there not just for the good of your business but just as a kind thing to do.


What Does the Future Hold

Its honestly really hard to say what the future holds for carpet cleaning companies and other skilled trades.  We feel that they will still be around for a long time to come even if the methods of getting the job done do end up changing.